Want straight and shiny hair without spending time
on hair-dryers and straighteners?
'Ion Straight Perm'!


Imagine being able to air dry your hair without it becoming frizzy, curly and unmanageable -even on damp rainy days!  Ion Straight Perm is a new chemical technology that is gentle on your hair and will make it permanently straight and shiny hair.

Once you have an Ion Straight Perm you will only need a few minutes each day to manage your hair. Your hair is permed straight and will stay straight for at least 8 months!
The philosophy is simple - to use only the best products and techniques for your hair.

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Salon Advice:

  • Tell us about any prior hair colouring or treatment you’ve had so we can adjust the treatment for best results.
  • Permanent straightening may slightly lighten very dark or dyed hair.  But don’t worry - the colour will still look natural!
  • Hair that is already permed or coloured may not be suitable for the Ion Straight Perm immediately.  Speak to our stylists for advice.
  • The Ion Straight Perm treatment process takes between three and six hours, so please ensure you have enough time. Time needed depends on both hair type and length.
  • After Ion Straight Perm treatmentit is advisable to keep your hair moisturised and protected from the sun. Frequent deep conditioning and an SPF spray or other UV protective hair product is highly recommended.
  • You must wait at least one to two months before colouring your hair after the treatment, depending on your stylist's recommendations.

      Before      Before                After   

                                                She has an Afro virgin hair                                         After Ion Straight Perm before blow dry





                                             Finished   Finished

                                                                      Just need 5 minutes to blow dry to finished